Written by Kimi at Insight Naturopathy.

#algae is a marine plant that contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (#PUFAS) that are commonly consumed by humans via consuming marine animals such as fish. The PUFAs that are of most interest in marine animals and algae are the #omega-3s. In particular, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) that converts to eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). ALA and linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid) are considered essential fatty acids - meaning they must be obtained from our diet, as we cannot produce these ourselves. ALA is found in plants and their oils such as flaxseed/linseed, canola and soybean and although we can convert ALA into EPA and then DHA, unfortunately this conversion rate is relatively low (approx <15%). Thus, relying on these as a standalone source (particularly in #vegan diets) for EPA/DHA is not enough and supplementation of a direct source of EPA/DHA (such as algae oil) is recommended.

Why are Omega-3s important?

🧠Reduce inflammation and oxidative stress

🧠Support healthy fetal development

🧠 Support optimal immune functioning

🧠Reduce cardiovascular disease risk

🧠Support optimal cell functioning

🧠Increase cognitive function

🧠Increase absorption and synthesis of fat soluble vitamins and hormones

What is not commonly known is that fish do not actually synthesize the EPA/DHA themselves - it goes like this 👉

#Microalgae (original source of omega-3) -> eaten by -> Phytoplankton -> eaten by -> Fish.

It is also:

🙌 easier to grow in a controlled environment

🙌 takes up less space and resources

🙌 no heavy metal or other pollutant contamination

🙌 doesn't harm any animals

Some of my favourite algae oil products are:

@megaomega3 liquid and caps

@metagenics_anz MetaPure Algal oil

@greennutritionals Green omega3

@lifestreamwholefoods V-omega 3

@phytalitynutrition phytoplankton supplement

So why wouldn't you go for algae instead of fish oil if its the original source of omega3, kinder to our ocean and ocean friends, and is the future of supporting a sustainable ecosystem? 🙏

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