Bloating, isn’t that normal?

We all get bloated from time to time and yes, some of that is completely normal. However, the key difference here is the frequency and severity of that bloating. So before we get further into this, let me just state that stomach volume increase due to the volume of food consumed is completely normal and not bloating. The key variations here are a distended and possibly hard stomach, abdominal pain or discomfort, and possible gas. That is what is considered bloating.

Although many individuals are told their bloating is completely normal, in many cases it is not. These are the signs I look for when I consider bloating to be abnormal and further investigation is required:

  • · Bloating consistently after any meal or meals with specific food groups

  • · Waking with bloating

  • · Bloating worsening with meals or beverages

  • · Bloating worsening with no meals

  • · Bloating consistently getting worse over the day

  • · Bloating with irregular bowel movements

  • · Significant bloating around menstrual bleeds

  • · Sudden regular bloating since an event (e.g. gastro, emotional stress, etc.)

All too frequently I hear of individuals being diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and while this is a medical diagnosis – it still does not actually get down to the root cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing. Yes, you may have IBS, but why? Why is your gut displaying these signs and symptoms?

This is what I investigate and thus here are some of the many things that may cause gastric bloating:

  • coeliac disease

  • food intolerance or sensitivity (gluten and cow dairy are common ones)

  • chronic constipation

  • hormonal variations

  • pharmaceutical medication side effect

  • physical or mental stress

  • hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid)

  • significant dietary change

  • suboptimal liver functioning

These are just some examples of causes of bloating, so note there are more and also more serious causes, however, these would be the most common.

So please, listen to your gut (literally) and keep searching for answers if you feel something is not quite right! Bloating can be a result of many things and can be hard to uncover, particularly by yourself. And that is why there are practitioners like myself, here to listen to you, support you, get down to the bottom of what’s happening and start the healing from there.

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