Should I see a Naturopath?

Have you ever wondered what the real point of a Naturopath is?

Why should I go see one when I can just ask Dr. Google or figure it out myself?

This week I’m going to challenge some common thoughts about Naturopaths and explain how working with a Naturopath can be just the thing you needed to get your health on track.

So, let me start this topic with, how do you feel when you read these statements?

· I feel like I need a little extra support to get to where I want to be

· I just haven't felt right since 'insert event or time'

· I just feel like I am not living life to the fullest due to fatigue, pain, etc.

· I know I could improve my health but just don't know-how

· I have worked on my health by myself and now I just want to make sure I am on the right track

· I feel like other health systems have failed me and I just am not getting any better

Chances are if you’re thinking, “Yes, that’s so me!” or “Yes, I hear that!” to any or all of the above, you could benefit from seeing a qualified Naturopath.

Naturopaths look beyond symptoms to identify and treat underlying causes of illness by considering you as a whole person – mind, body, and spirit. An example of this may be instead of just prescribing something to stop the pain from a headache, we look at WHY you’re getting headaches and address the issue there. After an in-depth health investigation in an initial consult (think approx.. 60 full minutes of you getting to talk about yourself and actually feel heard) we create individualized treatment plans that may or not may include prescriptions such as nutritional or herbal supplements, and dietary or lifestyle changes (all tailored to your budget) in line with your health goals.

Okay so now I’ve explained the benefit of working with a Naturopath – let me challenge some beliefs that may come up when you’re considering booking in with one:

1. “They’re too expensive” (in regard to consultation fees) – What’s more expensive, seeing a Naturopath, investigating your health, and getting down to treating the root cause straight away with personalized and indicated prescriptions (= feel better quicker + less money in the long run) OR self-researching and testing random supplements each month (= longer time not feeling well + more money spent in the long run).

Not to mention all the behind scene costs in running a small business, association memberships, private bachelor’s degree debt, and so on. And we spend a lot of time outside of the consult writing up treatment plans and researching. A lot of thought goes into our consultation prices as there is a lot behind the scenes to consider.

NOTE: I also acknowledge that it is a privilege to be able to afford and see a Naturopath. I know that this isn’t an accessible service to many individuals and disadvantaged groups. Please reach out to me if this is you and I will assist you in any way that I can that is fair for you and me.

2. “They’re just going to give me lots of pills” – You need to communicate with your practitioner what your budget is and if you have any concerns (e.g. remembering to take supplements or if they actually work). Most of the time dietary and lifestyle changes can have a large positive effect on your health however, the addition of herbal medicine or nutraceuticals can enhance that effect and enable results to present quicker. In some cases, symptoms may be too severe to even implement dietary or lifestyle changes and in these cases, prescriptions are important to give symptom relief to enable the rest of the changes to take place.

3. “They’re going to make me cut out all fun foods and drinks” – Let me start this by saying eating nourishing foods can be super yummy and fun! Cutting out certain foods and food groups will be very personal and also up to how each practitioner practices. Thus, I recommend you research the Naturopath you’d like to see and investigate their language and thoughts around foods and see if that resonates with you. Sometimes cutting out foods or food groups is an essential component of treatment. However, in some cases, it can be avoided and doesn’t have to be long-term. So, it really just depends on you, and your practitioner. As always, it is best to communicate openly with your practitioner if you do have any concerns or don’t understand why you should do something.

Do you have any to add? Let me know below. I hope this helps you feel more confident in working with a Naturopath.

And if you’re ready to start your health journey with me, you can contact me here or book in for a consult here.

I can’t wait to support you!

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